how to fix problem gmail not working on iphone and how to recover gmail password in short steps

13 Lipiec, 2018 - 07:22

All you need to know about fixing the problem of Gmail not working on iphone and recover Gmail password

If you have iPhone by your side but alas! when you are using Gmail you get the issue of gmail not working due to some reasons like gmail account not opening up, problem in sending or receiving the mail, account freezes or crashes each time when you open up the gmail account. Go through following steps when gmail not working on iPhone:

Go to Gmail site and check alerts: Gmail app does not give as much details as the site version of it. All you need to do is go to Gmail site. You can visit the mobile site of Gmail on iphone and if all works well on the Gmail mobile site, then, go to next step to fix the issue.

Review recent devices: It might happen that iPhone that you use to access your mail to may have been blocked from your Gmail account. Check if this happened using following steps:

Go to My Account

Click on “ Device Activity & Notifications”.

Check out the devices that have been used to access your gmail account.

If your iPhone is in the block list, unblock it.

Once you unblock the iPhone , Google allows you to access your email ID.

3. Make sure if IMAP is active:

In the Gmail account, check if IMAP has been enabled, if it is not, then, enable it.

Now, if your requirement is to do gmail password recovery, you can do it in following ways:

Open the Account Recovery page.

You can see the option “Sign In & Security” click on it.

Under “ Sign In & Security”, select Signing into Google.

Select Password.

If you have activate two step verification, you need to provide the phone number in the space provided.

Gmail sends the verification code to the phone number given.

If you are using this phone number in the iPhone it will be auto detected otherwise enter the code in the space provided.

Follow the on screen instruction for gmail password recovery.

Reset the password. If it is fallacious to access the gmail account using two step verification, you can choose the option of primary email ID.

Enter the ID in the space provided and recover your account by following the on -screen instructions.

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