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Getting permission from Roberts' husband is a possibility but wouldn't be easy. This osrs gold being the case, can a list of quotes be included at all, either in Wikipedia or in Wikiquote? This whole issue is very confusing.Also, how long can a quote be one sentence, one paragraph? Is there a limit? To the best of my recollection, the Supreme Court ruled that Fair Use quotes must not contain the entire creative work being quoted and must be appropriate to the new work which contains the quotes.

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There are two sets of armor that are on the cheap. One is full black dragon hide armor. This will provide a great good range attack bonus, while protecting from some of the attacks dealt by the KBD. To complete this set of armor, you will need to get either a Helm of Netiznot, if you received it from the quest, or just get a snakeskin bandana to boost your range. The other armor you can choose to wear is full ranger void. This is free and even better than black dragon hide; however, it does take quite some time to get it from the Pest Control minigame.

AND, WHEN YOU DO RATE ME POSITIVELY, PLEASE SEND ME A REPLY LETTING ME KNOW YOU ARE DOING SO, SO WE CAN ENSURE IT GETS RECORDED. THANKS! You can ask for me directly in the future by starting your post with "To Alexia Esq." Repeat reminder: Due to rules of our states, nothing herein is intended as legal advice, only intended as general information in order that you may have a starting point for helping yourself and presenting your issue to your lawyer if need be.
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