Repair How to fix ok Google not working

7 Sierpień, 2018 - 20:53

First of all, just keep calm and move ahead towards finding the main culprit behind this kind of problem.

Firstly, open your android phone’s voice recorder and record voice completely for at least one minute. Now, after recording, just thoroughly listen to it. If your voice is scattering and some pieces are skipping, then yes, a mic is a problem. If not, then move on to the second step.

Now, let’s check Google connectivity with a mic. Open Google Now and then, on the right side of the Search Bar, you can see a mic icon. If it is drawn with a dotted line, you surely have an issue with your phone’s microphone. Otherwise, there is no mic problem and you can move ahead.

If you found any problem here, it is possible that there must be some very minute dust particles entered into that microphone hole. Just take a help of a pin or pen’s nip and remove that debris. If a mic is not working properly till now, then I will suggest you use your earphone’s mic.


Well, if a mic is alright, there will be a problem regarding either in Software part or any setting tweaks are needed now. In software part, the main thing which we should check right now is – can my phone is able to fetch my language properly or is there any problem in this.

For setting some language options, you have to:-

Move on to Google now settings. Else you can also ope Google app, and swipe from left to right. You will see a menu flashed up on a left side. Just tap on “settings” option.

In settings, tap on “voice” option. From here, you can check and set voice and language settings.

Now, you can see that there is an option named “languages” available on a screen now. Just tap on it.

When you tap on settings, you can see that a complete list of compatible languages had been shown. You can select up to 5 languages which helps Google to recognize your voice and language in any of the 5 languages at a time.

So, if a language is a problem, then tweak these above-described settings and try now. If it is working properly now, then it’s nice. But if OK google not working properly till now, then it’s time for some software compatibility and settings.


Well, when language is also set to perfect and Microphone is also working properly, then there is only One thing remaining which breaks a connection of your voice with Google assistant. Now first, let’s start with basic things.

It is possible that there is an application which is already running and using your Android phone’s internal mic. This can create a conflict with overall usage and interferes with your voice and assistant too. For making this thing back on track, just clear all running background Applications and check once again. If OK Google not working Properly till now, then Follow some of the most basic software tweaks and fixes which I provided below.


1.) Firstly, check your network connection. As Okay Google will only work when the network is connected, without proper connection, Google assistant will not able to retrieve data properly. I hope it is working fine.

2.) Just reboot your device in the interval of 5 minutes. When any deep setting and fixes don’t work, a simple reboot works. Basically, after reboot, all scripts will re-written and things will be worked fine in most of the cases.

3.) Now, Check that OK google setting are actually turned on and set perfectly or not. For that, Google officially provides some of the steps to turn it back on:-

Open the Google app Google Search.

At the top left of your phone’s screen, tap Menu Menu and then Settings.

Tap Voice and then “Ok Google” detection.

Turn on “From the Google app.”

After setting these options, I hope now your OK Google not working problem will be Fixed and is now working properly.