As has been the case the past two weeks

4 Sierpień, 2018 - 09:52

As has been the case the past two fortnite items weeks, gamers that clear all of the challenges in a given week will finish among the game's newest Blockbuster challenges. The reward for doing this is a special loading display; while primarily cosmetic, the real value in the loading screen is that it hides a key that contributes to a free Battle Pass tier.

If you are able to finish all of Week 3's challenges, you are going to get a loading screen that includes a group of heroes huddled round a holographic map. If you look very carefully at the map, you'll notice it shows a faint silhouette of a Battle Pass on the island, just left of the middle of the screen.

Zooming into the map reveals that the free tier is just southwest of Fatal Fields. Proceed to the marked location and you're going to find a Battle Pass icon, which will reward you one absolutely free rank-up when collected. You can see the icon's precise location on our map above.

As before, you'll need to complete all of Week 3's challenges and the corresponding Blockbuster challenge to have the ability to acquire the free Fight Pass tier; the item won't look on the map if you don't satisfy all the prerequisites, which means you won't be able to jump over any of the week's struggles to get the free rank-up, even when you already know its place.

4 Sierpień, 2018 - 12:07


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