Biron makes 40 saves for Flyers in shuto

26 Grudzień, 2017 - 08:29

Red Wings blueliner Mathieu Schneider had an interesting analogy yesterday for increasingly-rare NHL enforcers:"We've had succe s without one in the past, but they're kind of like nuclear weapons," Schneider told the Detroit News. "If the other team has one, you want to have one. If they Graham Gano Jersey have two, you want two.When he was informed of Schneider's words, U.S. President George Bush immediately announced his intention to invade the NHL. In the Leafs' dre sing room after their 4-1 Kam Chancellor Jersey lo s to Boston last night, a group of players including ex-Oiler Michael Peca were crowded around the TV, watching Chris Pronger make his return to Edmonton. When NHLers are watching games that aren't their own in November, that's saying something. Sign of the night in Edmonton: Down with Pronger for undisclosed personal reasons. Bad sign of the night: Just 8,679 in St. Louis watched the Blues get blanked by San Jose. And that was the announced attendance. John Boomer Esiason Jersey Davidson may have more of a struggle on his hands than he anticipated when he took the job as Blues president last summer. In 10 games last night, there was an average of 4.7 goals scored and 63.1 total shots on net. I've never been a proponent of bigger nets, but they're looking like a better option every day. Problem is, you'd still have the defense-uber-alles NHL coaches trapping us all to sleep. Maybe we can take the bigger nets, trap those coaches inside them, and ship them off to a remote island where they can plot other methods to avoid entertaining fans.FEEDBACK:My worst fears have Demetri Goodson Jersey been realized. The excitement of the game is going fast. And I have no faith in Gary Bettman to fix it. It's a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.- Pat Tunnock

21 Maj, 2018 - 23:40

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