Real Madrid lost the European Super Cup, coach Lopetegui resolutely do this

17 Sierpień, 2018 - 12:20

In the morning of 16 August, despite Real Madrid losing to Atletico Madrid in the European Super Cup final, coach Julen Lopetegui still believes in the strength of the home team.

At the match in Estonia, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid drew 2-2 in the 90th minute of the match. In extra time, Atletico played better, scoring two goals and eventually winning 4-2.

Real Madrid failed, coach Lopetegui admitted: "In a final, the team who made more mistakes will almost give up. And everyone knows, Atletico is very good at exploiting the mistakes of the enemy. We will have to look at ourselves and draw on our experience after this failure, seeing the mistakes to move forward. "

Real Madrid lost the European Super Cup, coach Lopetegui resolutely do this - Football
 Despite the efforts, Real still inevitably failed to defeat Atletico.
Taking a closer look at the game, Lopetegui said: "Atletico have made good use of the opportunities they have created. In the first extra time, Real more active, keep the ball more but wasted too many opportunities can be converted into goals. After Atletico lifted the score to 3-2, we were forced to push the line up, take the risk, and failing to play in the usual style, Real failed to win. It's bad to lose four goals in a final and Real will have a lot to do to correct link xem bong da truc tiep xoilac tv live giai bong da quoc te va trong nuoc.

To help students quickly forget about this failure, Mr. Lopetegui said: "Sometimes things are not what you expect. But Real are still doing things towards the new season. We need to think about La Liga and try to come back with impressive wins xem them tin tuc bong da quoc te.

The most notable thing, when asked about the need to buy more players after this defeat, especially when superstar Ronaldo has gone, Lopetegui was quick and resolute opinion. According to Lopetegui, Real will not buy any more players because: "The policies that the management team is working on is effective and we have nothing to change just because of a loss."