M.U and Brazilian midfield pair

10 Sierpień, 2018 - 13:56

M.U and Brazilian midfield pair
With the injury or physical problems of midfielders, the Reds are having a lot of trouble arranging their squad. Almost certainly, two Brazilian players, Andreas Pereira and Fred, will be featured in the starting lineup in the midfield. The other name, probably young star Scott McTominay.
In other words, the most significant rookie of M.U this summer - Fred will be the big hope in the game against Leicester. In the past few games, the Brazilian midfielder has somehow demonstrated his ability with very good offensive pressure, as well as the passing of the water.
And for the new teammate to continue to adapt quickly, fellow countryman Andreas Pereira is ready to help. "Fred came from the country with me, so I can help him very easily. I will work to help Fred integrate into his new life Link trực tiếp Trung Quốc vs Timor Leste https://bongda365.com/soi-keo/soi-keo-u23-trung-quoc-vs-u23-timor-leste…

Andreas Pereira wants to help integrate well

"I'm trying to make him comfortable at home, I want Fred to be able to play better and be happy with the new environment. He is a good guy, solving problems by learning English. Fred is also trying to fit in with United. "
With that, the youngster is also confident in the new season, after being kept by Jose Mourinho instead of continuing to send out loan: "I can say that I am happy with the preparation before the season. I play a lot, so I want to continue to prove myself to help the club. Being ranked No. 6 is a strange thing, but I'm still learning every day. "
With midfielder Selecao in the middle, Andreas Pereira wants to help Fred, surely the midfield of M.U today will be very good. Link trực tiếp Lào vs Hồng Kông https://bongda365.com/link-xem-truc-tiep-palestine-vs-dai-loan-10-08-20…